Despite our substantial efforts to prepare and improve Togga for the upcoming season, we are disappointed to announce that Togga will be taking a hiatus from fantasy EPL.

The growth of the Togga users coupled with the increased costs of improving, expanding and running a dynamic platform, has left Togga in a place where we have too large an audience to remain free via ads, but not yet large enough to convert to a paid application.

This decision comes after having hundreds of conversations the past few months with potential investors, sponsors, developers and our partners in an effort to enable the continued operation of the game. Unfortunately, all the pieces didn’t come together in this tight timeframe.

As a replacement to Togga, we recommend Fantrax as the closest FPL free draft alternative with enhanced, customized scoring. When signing up for a league, the commissioner can select the option to move from another site to have Togga default league/scoring settings. @Fantasygaffer is still launching his comprehensive Draft Guide to help you prepare for your draft.

We are incredibly grateful to the community of people who loved Togga. Especially those who donated to make sure we were able to finish out last season and to explore possible paths forward. Without your support, we would have never dared to dream, let alone achieve, a four-year run delivering the fantasy experience the game deserves.